Win the Salary Negotiation.

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 “What is your salary expectation”, the last question of the interview which decides your mood that either you are going to join this company or heading to the exit right now.

After going through the several rounds of the interview with your luck favoring you that day, you finally land with the last round where your dream job is just a few steps away, and then you are asked the most dreadful question. “What is your expected salary?” What would be your answer?           No doubt that every one of us aims high and also wants to earn high, but negotiation makes us nervous.

On an average 90% of people are hired on a lower salary package than they expect or deserve. The reason behind this is they lacking the negotiation skills. The thought of negotiation makes us nervous and anxious. I don’t know how to start or what should I say? This is all going on in our mind before start answering this question.

Now two situations come to the field to face, first; if you have no idea about the number. Simply you can say as per the company norms, and support your answer by saying that you are very much interested in that opportunity to learn and to get brooded. You can make them understand that the salary is not your first priority, you should make an impression in front of the interviewer that salary is not your only concern.

Second, if you have done good homework and research on the job role and the salary of that position in the job market then you can speak on it. Now, how do you portray the number which you have in your mind? Always remember if say a big amount, there may be possibilities of facing rejection, and if you quote low, then you would miss a chance of earning a decent amount.

Answering this question is tricky, try to find out a compensation package for the position or try to understand the level at which the company pays each employee, and then decide on a number. It is highly recommended to give the salary range. But make sure that your lower number is what you are comfortable with or is your expected salary since the negotiation starts from there. For example, you can say, my salary expectation is somewhere between 20k to 25k ( if your desired salary is 20k). In case the interviewer pressures for an exact figure, you can choose any amount in between the range you have given before so that you have the chance to win the chance to be offered with the number you are comfortable with.

Another important thing is that make sure that you don’t sound too commercial, too costly and too selfish. Demanding a high salary can show you commercial. You always need to keep in mind one thing that you need to create an impression on the interviewers mind that salary is not your only concern.

In case the interviewer says that the amount you have asked is very high, then you can say that you are ready to negotiate, you are excited to get the opportunity to work with them.

Well, this is the best way to address this question, wish you guys all the best, I will be back with more informational blogs and I will be guiding you through more topics. Therefore, the Daily Recruiters team would be always there to help the candidates by providing many such knowledgeable pieces of information.