How to write an impressive resume

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We all need a job not because of money only but apart from money, it gets you, having a job in the early stages of your career makes you professional plus disciplined. Both of these combinations will get you closer to wealth health and even love sometimes. And the first step of all these is writing a resume.

 Resume means to list down the achievements. It is a document that describes the summary of the candidate’s profile. It describes skills, education, background, and achievement. Or we can say it is a typical summary contains information about relevant job experience and education. A resume is usually the first thing to see in a job interview. A resume is a document that gives proper information about the candidates.

So, as we get to know what resume means now the question arises on how to make a perfect resume?  See, there is no certified way of writing a resume, so you can write your resume the way you want but Before we go for how to write a perfect resume, we should figure out what an interviewer ‘look for’ in a resume. See it is not about what an interviewer look for but more than what they see in a resume. You have to structure your resume in an attractive way so that it would look different from all the other candidate’s resumes because thousands of people apply for the same job at the same time.

When it comes to getting a job, writing a resume is the first thing to do. And writing a resume in good structure is the main thing to do. Now come to how to structure your resume? A good resume should be structured in a way that all the information should be cleared in a glance.

Name:-  first of all write your full name. Don’t mention your nickname or any funky title.

Professional title:-  write a professional title like a problem solver, quick learner, mentor, fire-fighter, innovator, motivational speaker, and so many other short phrases which define you professionally. Please do not write any unprofessional words.

Contact information:- Mention your contact information, first email ID. So many have weird email IDs like, please don’t write this kind of email it looks extremely unprofessional. Makes an email ID that has your name and mentions that. Then write your phone number then mention any social media profile that has relevant to the position you are applying for, like your LinkedIn profile.

Experience:- Here you need to mention your current job first then go back and mention it in reverse chronological order. Mention the time period you held that role for, if you have worked in the same company for different roles then make separate sections for each role and then mention it section wise. If you are fresher then mention your education first then mention your experience. If you are a fresher you don’t have any working experience but you can add your college experience like mini-projects that you have done, internship, tuition, or any part-time work you have done.

Education:- In case you have been working for quite some-time so it is best to mention your education in short and sweet but if you have been working for six years or more then it doesn’t make sense to mention your 10th or 12th  percentage. Just mention the details of your last degree.

Skills:- mention the skills you have and rate them according to how well you know that. Do not forget to include the skills that are mentioned in the job description. If you don’t have many skills then you can add some basic skills like communication skills, social media skills, leadership skills, critical thinking skills, project management skills and so on.

Additional section:- this is the best section where you can mention your achievements, awards, certifications, publications, conferences or courses you have attended, extra-curricular activities, languages you know, volunteer works you have done any other hobbies that you have that is relevant to the job you are applying for. If you are a fresher you can add a lot of more things to this section like your competitive exams score, college fests you have participated in, coding contests, taking care of college website, newsletter or even maintaining your own blog.

Few things to remember

  1. Keep your resume to the one-page maximum. If you are adding useless information just for adding pages it will totally go wrong. If you have genuine information relevant to the job then you can go to the next page.
  2. Always double check your resume because there is nothing more embarrassing than a grammatical error.
  3. Never ever lie in a resume. If you don’t have any skills you might be called for the job but if will lie then you will not be called by the company for any future jobs the company might have. Sometimes it’s okay to not have skills at all so many companies are ready to train to but honesty is the skill that is no company is ready to compromise.