Freelancing…Merits / Demerits

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Freelance also spell as a free-lance or freelance, which means independent. Freelancing is basically a job where a person works independently means who works for themselves rather than working for any other company or organization. While some freelancers do take contracts from companies or organizations, they are ultimately self-employed.  Freelancers usually earn money on a per-job basis, sometimes hourly or weekly. We can also say it is a kind of job which lasts for a short interval of time.

Merits and demerits

If you are planning to become a freelancer, it’s very important to measure out what are the merits and demerits, what opportunities and what obstacles you are going to have in this field.


Free working shifts:-  Freelancing means to earn money on a per-job basis. You can take contracts and complete them according to your convenience of time. You can choose your own hour to work.

Having Choice and variety of work:-  As I have already cleared freelancing means independent, it is a job where you work for yourself and also you can take contracts from organizations and companies. The payment mode is based on per contract basis, you have full independence of choosing your project according to your interest and choice.

Better management:-. Basically, in other professions people have to work under any employers who control over their work totally but freelancing is a project-to-project based work freelancer are not committed to any particular employer or business, they have full control on their work and take all kinds of decisions according to their wish. That’s why they manage better than any other professionals.


Less assurance of stability in the future:-  because freelance work depends on reaching enough projects many freelancers have less financial stability and have less assurance of having worked on the future.

Fewer benefits:-  In other professions, employers offer their employees so many other benefits other than salary such as traveling, HRA, insurance benefits but freelancers have to asses all these expenses on their own.

What distinguishing quality and characteristics needed to be a freelancer

There are a few qualities you should possess to become successful as a freelancer.

Well disciplined:- you don’t have any boss to judge you or controlling over you that’s why it is compulsory to become disciplined because there are only your colleagues who are watching over you and will judge you according to your each and every action.

Constancy:- Being constant is important in any work but it is more important when you are just started as a freelancer.

Better organization:- Here you are working on so many projects at the same time so you have to organize all the work on so well mannered and you need to keep track of your income and expenses regularly.

Communicative:- freelancers need to be willing to have better communication because they have to handle the client. You must have the ability to do hard conversation in the time of negotiation, sometimes to cancel the contract and all. You have to handle them tactfully and professionally.