Importance of a Cover letter

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So today we will discuss the topic COVER LETTER. Let’s first know what exactly the cover letter is. A cover letter is a letter of introduction that highlights your achievements. It is documented similar to the resume but consists of some differences in itself. It is different from a resume because apart from the information it consists, it describes all your achievements in a detailed manner. It is important because it gives you the opportunity to add details about the information you have mentioned on your resume. It is important to the employers also because it helps them to differentiate between two candidates of similar qualifications. It tells the employers the type of job position you are seeking for and exactly how much you are qualified for it or how much you are good for the position. While a resume is also very important and the first thing to see in a job interview but it gives short and limited information about the candidate’s profile. So here your cover letter works as the best agent to describe your profile information which you have mentioned in your resume. A cover letter can explain some circumstances in a positive way. Suppose you have large gaps in your academic qualifications or maybe in jobs, here your cover letter can describe the reason behind those gaps in a positive manner. It is very important to leave a good impression on your first approach when you are applying for a job the cover letter gives you the opportunity to leave an impression on your first attempt. So that’s why attachment of a cover letter with your resume is important.

By Nuzhat Zabi [dailyrecruiters]