How to write an impressive cover letter

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A cover letter is something that can increase your chances of being selected for a job. But if you don’t present a good cover letter then it can also decrease your chances. But relax, I’m going to tell you some points that how to write a perfect and impressive cover letter.

  1. Make it personalized

Personalized means you are writing a letter to a specific person.  Address your cover letter to the hiring manager of the company.  Your addressing manner will differentiate you from all the other candidates. Google it or go to the website of the company and try to find out the name of the hiring manager or someone who will take the interview. In case if you don’t find out one then you can also address your letter as ( to the hiring manager/ to the HR/ to the company director etc). it is not the best way but better than writing it like “to the person it belongs to”. The motive is that you should know who you are writing to.

2. Introduce yourself

The motive of a cover letter is to introduce yourself, so why not in the first sentences. Always remember that simplicity is the best formula for showing yourself sophisticated. So keep it simple. Three must be cleared in the sentence that is what you are, what you can offer and what you are seeking.

3. Convey to them what you can do

This is the section where you have the opportunity to mention your skills and experiences. The main key to writing this section is relevance. So go to the job letter again and reread the job description, and then mention your skills and experiences. Make it relevant, means you have to convince them that your skills are perfect for the job position and they are going to have great benefits by taking on board.

4. Prove them you’re a greatly fitting to the position

In this section you can improve your cover letter by expressing them the way of your working style, you can express your personality than how you behave on circumstances, your decision-making abilities. Show them you are cultured. When you are writing this section of your cover letter focus on these things, what you like about the company (be specific), how your personality and working style fit the company culture, why you want to work for this particular employer.

5. Close your cover letter in a way that gets the manager excited

The ending should be in a manner that gets the manager excited and make him call you later on. The key idea of writing this section is to propose how we would like to meet and talk (on call, chat, video chat, face-to-face meeting, etc).  You can write “I would be thrilled to learn more about this job opening and how I can help (company name) to deliver IT excellence”. Say what you would like to discuss, you can mention the specific issue if you know about the current challenges that the company is facing.

By Nuzhat Zabi [dailyrecruiters]