Think Higher, Dream Bigger


What we think is actually what we get. We rise according to our thoughts. So many people failed not because of what they thought and didn’t get but what they thought they get exactly the same. People don’t take risks of taking big steps in life, they don’t think big, they set criteria of their work and get the same result every time. Everyone has their own limit of thoughts they think they could do this much only but the reality is when we dare to dream big our height of will power also increases. Dreaming big is not a big deal. Daydreaming is normal in people but the question is how one can achieve those dreams? We should keep in mind a few points to achieve a big dream.

  1. Self-motivation matters: Do you know what makes a person work hard to achieve their dreams? How a person can achieve goals one after another? How a simple hero can kill a body-builder type villain? The answer is motivation. Motivation is the basic formula for doing any work with interest. If you are motivated you will do your work with full interest. Don’t go with other’s thoughts because it is only you who knows yourself far better than anyone else. You only know what you can do and what you cannot do. Motivate yourself every single day.
  2. Dare to take the first step now: Once you get a touch of motivation you will find a strong desire to achieve your dreams. Don’t wait for too long to start. Because when we wait for too long our motivation get disappeared and then we lose our interest and we started giving excuses to skip. You can take an example of any successful person they don’t waste time thinking too much they just plant, start and achieve. I am giving more preference to actions because there is a phrase that ‘a single action is much more powerful than 100 thoughts.’ Don’t shoot an arrow in the air, just start it know full of guts.
  3. Challenges are the process of filtration: I have lots of problems in my life. I cannot do this. I don’t have any support to achieve a big goal. These things we use to say about challenges in life. We have a habit of living life with a favorable condition, whenever life goes off-track we start complaining about it. But the reality is when a challenge comes in life it tests we will power that how one can get over from an obstacle. Everything happens for a reason.  Everybody has problems in life but when we start solving them we gain lots of experience. When you get an experience you can see the new you. Just take an example, suppose you are struggling for a job but, you faced so many problems in getting it. You face interviews after interviews and then, at last, you got a job. But what was about all those interviews in which you failed. All those interviews gave you an experience, an experience which you can share, an experience which takes out your inner strength. That’s why I called it the filtration process.

It is only you, no matter how your dreams are similar to others, you can make it different from others. Look ahead with confidence. Focus on what you want not on what your obstacles are. Don’t be pushed by your problems.

By Nuzhat Zabi [dailyrecruiters]